Our Process

It's In the Details

Choosing a plan is one step towards building a custom home. To make it truly “custom” we help you choose the unique and personal details that make your custom home yours.

Let's Pick a Plan

Deciding on a lot is the first step towards building your dream home. We’ll help you decide how to best use your property. Where the sun comes up is important when making your morning coffee. Working side-by-side with you, we’ll begin planning a design that fits your taste and your lifestyle. When we’ve agreed on a design, engineers begin planning the actual construction, and we request the necessary permits.

Financing Your Reality

Now that we’ve nailed down the design of your new home, we’ll put our agreement in writing, with details of the costs, the timeline, and outlining your expectations for the build process. At this point, we can begin
discussing your financing, and begin the physical process of making your dream a reality.

Getting Started

Our first step is pouring a foundation and having that inspected. Once approved, we will begin building the bones of your home. You’ll have an opportunity to walk through the framing of your house and begin to see how your chosen design will translate into your actual home.

A Roof Over Your Head

Once basic framing is completed, we put a roof on your home, begin installing windows, and start the process of wiring, plumbing, and routing duct work for your HVAC system.


In addition to your supervision, inspections will be performed by the appropriate city and county officials to
certify the standards of both construction and the wiring and plumbing of your home. These will be required
to provide your certificate of occupancy.

Getting Into Details

Part of what makes a house a home is the detail during the build process, and we sweat the details. We’ll begin installing your desired flooring choices, painting your favorite colors on the walls, and craft the molding and flourishes that make your home unique.

Fixtures and Curb Appeal

Your home is nearing completion, and among the final steps are installing your plumbing fixtures, hanging your lighting, and mounting cabinet and door hardware. While this occurs, a team tends to your landscaping, and we prepare for your final inspections and your walk-through.


Then Set up a date for a thirty day workout for items you may find after you move in. As well as a one year
tentative date for any minor items you may find during the first year.

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Are you trying to define your needs in a new home? Are you uncertain about costs? We can help you to understand the advantages of building a custom home and how to start the process.

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