Green kitchen

Why Stick with White?

There’s a ton of new construction in the Richmond region, and a quick tour and a look at interiors will reveal a pervasive theme: white walls.

This isn’t a new trend. Walls in some shade of white have long been ubiquitous for interiors. A trip down the paint aisle at your local hardware store will tell the tale. You can choose between Snow White or Eggshell White. White paint comes in Linen, SuperMoon, Dove, Polar Bear, and more. And then there are the versions of white: Ecru, Ivory, Weathered White…

Behr has a paint color called “Baby Artichoke” and it’s basically an off-white.

Don’t get us wrong – white is a great color for an interior wall and opens up a world of opportunity when decorating. It’s hard to go wrong with a floor covering or throw pillow when it’s up against a white wall.

But does it have to be white?

Psychologists have spent a great deal of time studying the effects of colors. They know, for example, that shades of blue or green can be very calming for rambunctious elementary schoolers. They know that posters and bulletin boards in reds and oranges can spur productivity. Marketers have read this research and know that using reds in a restaurant is good because it makes you hungry. They know that blues are trustworthy, and yellows are optimistic. There’s a reason that seeing McDonald’s arches from the highway makes you want to pull over and eat.

This same psychology can come into play in your home. That optimistic yellow is also a joyful color. That makes it great for a kitchen or nursery. Greens provide a sense of contentment. Imagine that favorite room where you quietly enjoy your morning cup of coffee. A lilac or purple brings together red and blue, providing a balance between stimulation and serenity. What better color for a den or theater room?

We’re proud to be part of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program, and we often look to them to pick up on trends. They shared the interior colors that are going to be heating up 2023, and it shouldn’t surprise you to see that they’re bold on greens, yellows, and reds. If you aren’t sold on color, don’t worry: Behr’s 2023 Color of the Year is “Blank Canvas,” and it’s basically an off-white.

But let’s be honest: Isn’t a bit of color just cool?