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Location, Location, Location

When you talk to most real estate agents, they frequently repeat three words over and over: Location, location, and location.

Finding the right home often comes down to location. Is it convenient to your place of business? Is it in the right school district? Does it offer you proximity to the amenities that you desire?

Finding the right lot for your custom home is no different.

under constructionWe’ve built custom homes for clients throughout Central Virginia, and the lots have run the gambit. Surprisingly enough, there are still lots to be found in some of our more developed and growing communities – even in Downtown Richmond! Sometimes, we find those lots and offer them to our clients. Clients will often find the lot themselves, nestled in a community that they wish to join, and bring us in to build their dream home. We’ve had plenty of folks who have bought property or have an old family lot way off the beaten path, and we help them create a home on it.

Whatever your choice, here are some questions to ask when choosing a lot:

The first question is obviously about the location. Is this lot located where you want it? If you were looking for a vacation home, you may decide between a beach house or a mountain cottage. When looking for a home, are you looking for some space or to become part of a neighborhood?

As a homeowner, you should also consider the tax implications of where you build. Different counties and cities have different tax structures that will impact your future finances.

When you begin to consider a lot, find out if it will become part of a homeowner’s association or falls under a restrictive covenant. This will impact seemingly simple decisions, like how you build your driveway or where you put your garage.

CHC truck at job siteYou may yearn for the peace and quiet of a remote location. This choice brings a new set of considerations. Will your home be able to access basic infrastructure like water and electricity? Will you need to rely on a well for water or a septic tank? Is the property zoned for a single-family home? You’ll also want to have the property inspected by a civil engineer or someone like us. That spot overlooking the lake may not be stable enough to support a foundation, or you may find that the soil composition won’t support your septic system.

Lastly, consider who you want to build the actual home. We certainly aren’t the only custom home builder in the region. There are plenty, and many of them build great homes. You’ll want to make certain that, like us, they have experience in building great homes on a variety of different sites, from established communities to farmland.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and have a track record of bringing the vision of our clients to life.

Now, let’s find a nice lot somewhere…