Empty dining room

Prepare Your Moving Day Moxie

The day has finally arrived.

The painters have left. The Punch List has been punched, you’ve had a final walk-through, and you have the keys in hand. There’s only one thing left to do…


Many studies list moving as among the top ten most stressful life events one can experience. To be certain, not knowing where you left your iron or favorite pair of boots can be frustrating. The view from your most comfortable chair has changed, and the pots and pans have run amok. Your routine has been routed.

But there are some common sense things that you can do to take some of the stress out of moving day.

The first item on your list should be to make a list. Your movers are professionals, and know how to empty a house and load a truck. They don’t need a list. It’s good to be helpful, but stay out of their way. Your list should be all of the things that you need to do to close down your old house and actions to start up your new home. Certain things, like setting up utilities and changing your mailing address, can be checked off before moving day. Some things, like turning off the old lights and turning on the new refrigerator, need to be done the day-of.Empty kitchen

Another item on your list is a detailed floor plan. Realizing that your sofa won’t go down the stairs will thwart your plans for a media room if you discover it on moving day. Know where you want each piece of furniture (your movers will often handle assembly on most pieces). Envisioning the layout of a house used to be the domain of professional decorators and architects, but there are a ton of off-the-shelf programs that can allow you to set up your home virtually with just a few simple measurements.

Pack a Go Bag. When traveling to a foreign country, it’s often a good idea to prep your carry-on bag with the essentials: a change of clothes, important paperwork, medications. Your moving day go bag should include things like phone chargers and simple tools (a couple of screw drivers, a hammer, an adjustable wrench or multi-tool). Not being able to locate important financial information or a pill that you need daily can put a damper on your welcome home party. Wanting to trade your jeans for shorts when your wardrobe is in the back of the truck can make a hot day that much hotter.

Prepare the important rooms first. As moving day draws to a close, you’re going to want two things: Something to eat and a good night’s sleep. At the end of the day, you’re going to want to lay your head down, and the last thing you want to be doing is digging through boxes looking to a fitted sheet. And while you may have consulted your handy checklist and turned on the fridge, it doesn’t have to be fully stocked. Pack a cooler with some snacks or sandwiches and some water and soft drinks (Stock enough for your movers. They’ll appreciate it.).

And when you fill up that cooler, pack a bottle of bubbly to toast your new custom home once you’re all alone.

Skip the champagne flutes. You can find those tomorrow.