Build, Buy or Renovate?

Let’s face it: We’re never completely satisfied with our home. We’re forever changing a paint color or swapping out a sink.

In a way, it’s somewhat like our wardrobe. Styles and tastes change.

Perhaps it’s trading in that Williamsburg sofa for a sleek Mid-Century Modern piece. It may be as simple as some new artwork or décor.

Perhaps something is just worn out. What suited your needs a decade ago no longer works.

This is when you face the decision:

Do I build a custom home?

Do I buy an existing home?

Do I renovate the home that I’m in now?

If your major consideration is cost, then building a custom home would be a poor choice. Renovating or adding on to your existing home can be a cost-effective way to change your living space, but designing and building a custom home isn’t something you would want to go cheap on. Buying an existing home would seem to be a fine middle ground, but you would be buying someone else’s décor – and someone else’s problems. Who knows what may pop up in a year or two? A faulty hot water heater? A leaky roof?

Renovating certainly comes with its advantages.

You live in a neighborhood that you love. You have neighbors that you know. Your home has memories.

But renovating also has some hidden dangers.

Home renovationIf you live in a historic neighborhood or home, will local rules allow you to renovate the way you want to? Are there restrictions on such simple things as window selection or paint colors? Is your home structurally sound enough to support your intended addition? Once you start knocking down walls, will you find faults in the frame or cracks in the foundation?

Bear in mind also that any changes to your home will have to meet today’s building codes. What passed an inspection in 1960 may not meet the code today. In historic structures, there’s always the possibility of encountering materials that are today considered hazardous and now require some sort of remediation.

Unless you have a second home or the option to take an extended vacation, you’ll also be living in an active construction zone. If you’re changing your kitchen, you’ll be dining out a lot. While we do a great job with meeting or beating the dates that we promise to our clients, things like the weather or a back-order on needed materials can put a damper on your Great Unveiling Party.

Choosing a custom build does have one major advantage: You have control. Putting an addition on your home is dictated by lot size, the layout of your home, and what your zoning will allow. Building a custom home provides a great deal more flexibility.

We’ve helped plenty of clients create their dream house by building them a custom home. We’ve introduced many clients to a spec home or model home that’s just waiting for them to move in. And we’ve done our fair share of tasteful and functional additions and renovations.

The ultimate choice is yours to make. Do you want the control of a custom home? Do you just want a change of scenery? Or do you just need to improve your current home?

We can help you answer those questions. Just give us a call.