Southern Living Model Home

Being a Southern Living Builder

In almost 25 years of building custom homes, we’ve helped our clients to embrace a wide range of styles. From Craftsman to Colonial, modern lines to a rustic retreat, we’ve been able to develop plans and execute builds to realize those dreams.

We’ve also established relationships with some of the best vendors and subcontractors in the MidAtlantic. We’ve been recognized for our excellence by neighborhood developers, lending institutions, our peers, and more.

One of our proudest credentials is our selection as a Southern Living Custom Home Builder.

Southern Living started out in 1966 as a lifestyle magazine. Over the decades, they’ve become the go-to for Southern-influenced recipes, decorating tips, vacation suggestions, and gardening. For those who embrace the Southern lifestyle, Southern Living has become their champion. Almost 16.5 million people see their monthly magazine, and between that, their online presence and television programming, over 26 million see their influence each month.

Southern Living Model Home KitchenPart of their allure is as a provider of inspiration. Their building and design plans have inspired countless homes, communities, hotels and more. Several years ago, they created the Southern Living Custom Builder program to bring qualifying builders to the customers who liked what they saw.

To be a Southern Living Custom Builder requires a thorough check of references from homeowners and the businesses one works with. They look for stability, craftsmanship and a reputation for high customer service. Only then can a builder be invited to become a Southern Living Builder.Southern Living Model Mudroom

To complete the process, Southern Living sends out a team to see examples of your work. They tour the homes that you’ve built and talk to the homeowners that you’ve worked with. They are looking for custom home builders who have established a reputation for high quality and exacting craftsmanship, using only the best materials.

There are around 100 Southern Living Custom Builders throughout the South. We’re proud to have been among the few chosen to represent the MidAtlantic. Being chosen gives our clients the assurance that we will maintain those exacting standards. It also gives them access to many of the designs, blueprints and more that are exclusive to Southern Living.

Southern Living Model PorchIn 2014, we were selected to a build a Southern Living Showcase Home in Hallsley. You can read about that home and see the pictures here.

Contact us to learn how you can put this program, and our team, to work for you.