As an Added Bonus

Have you ever settled into your favorite chair, flipped on your big screen, and pulled up your guilty pleasure binge-watch, only to have someone come in and begin furiously pounding the treadmill right next to you?

Or perhaps you’ve decided to revive that sewing project. You’ve carefully arranged your fabrics and supplies on that enormous kitchen island, which immediately prompts your husband to start prepping his weekend BBQ.

When we design a custom home for a client, there are certain rooms that are a given. They’re designated by their function: bedroom, dining room, kitchen… We’ve written about the considerations that go into the creation of a pleasant and functional home office.

But what other rooms in your custom home deserve their own function?

home theaterFor many of our clients, a home theater room is on the wish list. These days, it’s simple to put a television in just about every room in the house. You can even buy a bathroom mirror with a built-in screen. With the advent of smart TVs, your favorite show, news program or sporting event is a remote control away. But a dedicated room for movies and large sporting events creates an entertainment oasis. With a large enough screen and some surround sound wiring, a basic room can become a theater. A few comfortable couches and chairs complete the effect.

Many of the considerations behind home office design come into play for a craft or art room. Lighting is key – either natural or purposeful fixtures. Easy access to storage shelves and bins brings supplies and tools readily to your fingertips.

One client had us create a children’s playroom in their basement. In one corner, we built a small, raised platform. Articulated light fixtures created floods and spotlights. A designer installed a curved curtain rod and hung drapes, finishing off the perfect stage for children’s plays or musical performances.

Children love to perform.

Some choose to create elaborate dedicated rooms for exercise, media, wine storage and more. But sometimes, creating that oasis or sense of purpose is simply bringing an additional function into a room. Movies go better with fresh popcorn, so a kitchenette with a microwave might complete your theater. An ice-cold drink is a fitting reward for a strenuous workout, so add a water cooler or refrigerator to your home gym.

Whether in a basement, an attic room, or an outside patio, creating appealing function-specific spaces is a simple bonus to a well-crafted home.

Let us create one for you.