Custom Home Plans from Creative Home Concepts

Settle for nothing less then the best! When you choose Creative Home Concepts, you’re choosing to build the home of your dreams with the only Southern Living Custom Builder program member in Richmond. While we’re proud of that, we don’t want you to think that the only houses we build are pre-drafted from Southern Living. As a matter of fact, most of the custom homes we build are from custom home plans!

Custom Home Plans from Creative Home Concepts

What goes into coming up with custom home plans? Everything! Through getting to know you and frequent meetings, we’ll seek to gather every detail, no matter how minute. Once we have all these details, we’ll get straight to work fleshing out a custom home plan that perfectly suits your family’s needs. Sometimes that’s a big house with a ton of room for growth. Sometimes that’s a smaller house where every room has a purpose. No matter what the case is, if you’re dreaming of it, we’re happy to build it for you!

Our Work

Check out some of our work! These houses were built from custom home plans… similar to the ones we will build out for you!

As you can see, we’re extremely versatile in what we’re able to build, and how we stylize those builds… and not just on the outside! If you’ve got a specific motif in mind for the interior of your home? That factors into the plan as well.

Let’s Discuss Your Custom Home Plans!

Take the first step towards the home of your dreams. Get in touch! We have a number of custom home plans that we can modify, and can design your home from the ground up as well. Once you’ve selected/created your plan… let’s get to building!

Call us at  804-897-1639, send us a message on Facebook, or contact us online to get the process started!