Choosing the Right Home Builder!

Simply put, choosing the right company from Richmond’s huge list of custom home builders is an enormous decision for any “would-be” homeowner. The potential pros and cons of different builders can impact the satisfaction you get from living in your new custom home for years to come. Needless to say, we always recommend you do your research!

So, when it comes to helping our homeowners understand the true value of what we offer and how that relates to this big decision? Our family at Creative Home Concepts focuses our entire business model on three simple concepts (below). It’s what sets us apart from other builders in the Richmond area!

1: The Difference In The Details

2: Come Close to Perfection

3: Have an Eye for Beauty

The Difference is in The Details

Many home builders throughout Richmond offer a one-size-fits-all approach to building your dream home. If that is what you are after, we can tell you right now: we’re not the right fit. When you choose Creative Home Concepts, you choose our attention to detail!

Every detail matters. Every, single detail, from small to huge. This tenet is the cornerstone of what differentiates us from the other (most really good!) builders here in Richmond.

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Come Close to Perfection

Nobody is perfect! However, we push to get as close to perfection as possible when it comes to building your custom home.

The pursuit of perfection is what drives us. It’s why we run a smaller, more client-focused type of custom builder business. We could absolutely go with templated builds and pump out cookie-cutter homes for random families in Richmond. However, that’s just not what we’re all about! Our focus isn’t on making a home that is acceptable for everyone. Our focus is making a home that is PERFECT for YOU!

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Have an Eye For Beauty

Building your custom home is the first step(albeit the biggest one!) Helping you create your ultimate design masterpiece is step two!

We gladly work hand-in-hand with all our homeowners to customize a long term plan. For each client, we’ll customize the style, colors, finishes, flooring, furniture and more to transition your custom-built home into your family’s home.

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Choose One of the Best Home Builders – Choose Creative Home!

Creative Home Concepts would love to be your partner in the custom home building process. As one of Richmond’s most trusted custom home builders, we will be there every step of the way offering our guidance, resources and experience.

Our relentless attention to detail, pursuit of perfection, and eye for beauty makes us an excellent custom home builder for many discerning homeowners here in Richmond. We’re here for you, whether you are more interested in building in one of our prestigious neighborhoods throughout Richmond, or on your own lot!

To learn more about our approach or to discuss how we might help guide you down a marvelous path towards owning a custom home, contact us online, send us a message on Facebook, or call us anytime at 804-897-1639.

Remember: when it comes to choosing the right home builder here in Richmond, “The Difference Is In the Details!