New Home or Old?

Custom home fireplace

Housing inventory continues to be a roller coaster, and new offerings are scooped up quickly. One spot that’s been immune is newly constructed homes.

How to Master Your Bathroom

The master bathroom used to be just another bathroom. But the master bath has become a sort of statement piece.

Open or Closed?

Open floor plan

If you watch any of the 8,000 home shows on tv, you know that the first thing an owner or prospective buyer raves about is the “open floor plan.”

Straw, Sticks or Brick?

Stone exterior under construction

We work with homeowners to sort through a host of material choices. For floors, walls, patios and more, there are design options in stone, brick, cement, granite… Which to choose? And what are the considerations?

Five Tips for Keeping Cooler

Large front yard

When we build a custom home, we use the latest HVAC technology and energy efficient methods. There are other ways, however, to keep your home cooler.

Why Buy New?

Laying a new patio

The market for residential real estate is still roaring. As you buy, should you look for an existing home or a new one?

Throw Another Log On

Living Room Fireplace

You don’t need to be an Eagle Scout to start a decent fire. When we design your custom home, we can help you choose where you want your crackling fire, and what sort of fireplace might be best for your dream home.

Building an Energy Efficient Home

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We design and build homes for our clients based on a number of different likes, wants, and wishes. But by starting out with energy efficiency in mind, we can build one that is more comfortable every day, and saves money over the years.